“ We are proud to be part of world's main incense producing country "

Incense sticks are related to spiritual beliefs, meditation, purification of air around and therapeutic treatment. Shivoham Incense offers a wide array of incense sticks. Most valued amongst these are the herbal incense sticks. Adding to the existing products, Shivoham  Incense made forte with Herbal Incense Sticks. Shivoham  helps in relaxing the mind as well as the whole body. When relaxed, we take a step towards extreme contentment and happiness.

We make special formulas

These are affordable in terms of prices and available in a wide variety of flavor. Our aim is also to preserve the originality and authenticity of each and every piece of incense. Indian culture and heritage are part of this authenticity, which can be shared with the world only if we preserve the purity of these incenses. The incenses are packaged to ensure convenience.